Electronic Newsletters for a Need it Now World

We have designed nearly 100 e-newsletters for our clients, along with their web sites, to help market their farms, pumpkin patches, and markets.

E-newsletters are proactive Internet marketing, reaching out to your best customers to tell them when upcoming events are scheduled and to provide a coupon, if you wish, to increase sales.

Isn't a website or Facebook page enough? Absolutely not. Both the website and Facebook rely on the customer to come to you. Instead, the e-newsletter lets you go to the customer-right into his or her inbox with an opportunity they won't want to miss.

In our recent survey of farms throughout North America, we learned that farms consider e-newsletter their second most important marketing tool. Newspapers, radio, billboards-everything else was less effective than the e-newsletter.

How does it work?

We will design your e-newsletter for you, and put a subscribe button on your website. Site visitors enter their own information, and it automatically goes into your database. We'll design a master template for you, and you can log in, write, and send your own newsletters. Your cost is unrelated to the number of newsletters you send.

E-News Services

  • Establish your account with Constant Contact
  • Design your master template to reinforce the look of your website
  • Install a subscribe button on your website
  • Create your contact lists
  • Upload your existing database
  • Customize your auto-response emails to welcome new customers, change of address, change of interest, etc.
  • Set up other social media to post your e-newsletters
  • Help you analyze your results
  • Provide initial instruction and on-going support
  • Write and design newsletters for you at your request (hourly rate applies)

All these details will be spelled out in a written proposal with a single, affordable price for your consideration.

There is a small monthly fee due to Constant Contact, the service provider, based on the number of subscribers in your list.

Call: (314) 862-6288

Guarantee Efficiency with Constant Contact

FarmWebDesign will create and design your e-newsletter using the email marketing specialist, Constant Contact, a leading provider that will help assure your newsletters get through.

Constant Contact helps us assure that your newsletters are in full compliance with all anti-spam laws, and their staff works hard to increase deliverability with local Internet Service Providers.

In addition to automatically collecting and maintaining your data, the service provides user statistics so you can determine the effectiveness of each mailing.

Constant Contact also provides online software to help you quickly create customer surveys, social media campaigns, and specific event marketing campaigns. Ask us for more details!