Cultivating a Friendship,
Growing Your Website

As AgriMarketing professionals, we'll use the specialed techniques and skills so your website will stand out!

We provide suggestions and ideas regarding how to promote your website and to request links from other area and regional farm and tourism sites, resulting in more traffic and higher search engine rankings.

Typically, websites should at least be updated to coincide with your major seasons. (Hint: frequent changes improve search engine rankings.)

You will be able to contact us at any time to request changes, and updates are usually completed within 1-2 working days of the request. Emergencies (such as rain & snow closings) are handled as quickly as possible, if not immediately.

Our Design Process

The FarmWebDesign© process for growing your new website begins with us learning everything we can about your farm.

We'll do this by phone. We will set up a time to give you a call. We hope the family members will be on the extension for this initial conference, because we want to hear from everyone!

Next comes a confidential, custom proposal, written specifically for your farm or agribusiness.

This proposal will detail exactly what your website will include, what services are included, and how much it will cost.

We then discuss the proposal with you, make changes if necessary, and then both sign the agreement.

Our Standard Website

Our standard website was developed to accommodate the majority of average size farms with a reasonably priced, professionally done website.

Features include:

  • Personal interview to learn about your business
  • Confidential, custom written proposal
  • Domain registration and webhosting for 1 full year
  • Marketing experience and guidance by proven farm marketers
  • We do all the writing (based on your information)
  • Professional, custom design, using your photos, logo, and information you provide
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to score higher in search rankings
  • Google analytics providing comprehensive statistics on website visitors
  • Free mailboxes for your family members and staff
  • Easy access and quick response time to have your website updated*

Our Objective

Our objective is pretty straight-forward: we want to deliver as many customers as possible to your business.

1. We make sure that your website scores high on the search rankings so new customers will find it.

2. Photos and text for the site will draw customers to your farm or market by highlighting the farm experience unique to your business.

3. User-friendly navigation encourages repeat customers, reminding them of the quality and personal experience you offer.